Head for the Showers (Clay Russell part four)

In these NOVA Studios scenes,  John Tower (aka Butch) and Clay Russell are playing two hotshot stars of their baseball team only they are not getting along so well after embarrassingly being thrown out of ball game practice.  Tower is pissed and blames Clay.  Exiled to the locker room while the action continues out on the field, Tower decides to show Clay where he ranks and humiliate him in the process.  He pulls down the elastic on his jock strap for Clay to suck his dick in retribution for causing him trouble out on the field.  Watching self confident Tower control Russell works in part because Russell is physically a larger man being forced into a subservient position.  Tower cums  and with lots of macho swagger in his step, goes into the shower room to wash the sent of Clay's mouth off his dick.

A frustrated Russell gets up off his knees, wipes Tower's spent sperm from his face and then follows Tower into the showers where he decides to get even and turn the tables.  Russell now becomes the dominant top jock and ends up screwing Tower on the tiled floor, but not before munching on Tower's ass first.    Both men cum and decide that good sportsmanship is best as they shake off a bad game and stay friends. Clay and Butch stand naked talk outside the shower when a handsome blonde appears with great buns. They look at each other and have the same idea as they follow this beefy booty back into the shower room. 

This appears to be from a 1977 loop titled Head for the Showers, which was later incorporated as part of 1980s Under Construction. Production values on this movie are top-notch thanks to the loving care that NOVA gave most of its films.  Butch McAlister and Clay Russell worked together several times and have a good chemistry on screen.  They appeared in the still-popular classic The Boys of Venice (in a pickup truck by the ocean).  Both men are macho in physical appearance and mannerisms with two different muscular body types that fit well together.

Clay Russell (part three)

Clay Russell was a hot model beginning in the late 1970s.  He appeared in numerous print magazines include Blueboy, Honcho, In Touch, Jock, Mandate, and Playguy.  He also performed in a number of gay movies where his impressive masculinity was featured, including three classics (Boys of Venice, Heatstroke, and El Paso Wrecking Corp.) in addition to other titles such as Men at Work, Cop Playtime, Cop Workout, Firemen at Work, and Sex in Uniform.  His appearance in the December 1977 issue of Playguy was tied to a feature promoting Joe Gage's El Paso Wrecking Corp.

Clay with Richard Locke
Still a relatively young man who had the good looks to play model-perfect romantic leading men, Clay seemed to naturally gravitate towards machismo roles, such as a uniformed officer or a hot and hairy daddy looking to get satisfied by other masculine men.  In 1982's Heatstroke, two guys meet up with one another, courtesy of having been with the same woman at different times.  The storyline concept is that they've indirectly shared sex (via the female) together as they discuss their girl's pros and cons at making love.  Clay Russell eventually gets heated up and the flirtations evolve into Clay wrapping his lips around Locke's legendary long cock.  Richard Locke truly appears to enjoy the sight as he watches Clay go down on him with gusto.  Locke moans and groans like he means it, just before letting loose a hot load into Russell's waiting mouth.  As many men straight and gay can relate to, seeing the end-product of a blowjob on their lover's face can be icing on the cake (or in this case, icing on Clay's thick moustache).  Heatstroke remains a lesser-known Gage film and while production values are high, the subject matter is gritty male sexual bonding and may not be to everyone's taste.  The film features many icons of early years in gay porn liberation, including Casey Donovan. 

David Grant

He graced the pages of Playgirl magazine's February 1979 issue as their centerfold Man of the Month.   David Grant was certainly one handsome bachelor and there's little doubt that many a female reader fantasized about this dreamboat.  But they would not be the first fans who had sexual designs on this sexy gentleman.  Back in 1979, hardcore porn was still something that you had to search-out to find in smut stores, catalogs or at an adult movie house.  There wasn't the technological ability to do a quick Internet search and discover that David Grant was also known as gay sex star Clay Russell.    But it's a safe bet that at least some male fans of Playgirl probably did recognize him from Playguy magazine (December 1977) or Mandate (February 1978) in addition to his movie performances (including the classic 1978 El Paso Wrecking Corp.).  It's hard to forget someone so strikingly good looking.  In addition to David and Clay, it's reported that he also appeared as Lindsay Grant.  But for today, let's sit back and enjoy the Playgirl-version of this vintage man in all his 1970s glory.
The storyline calls David a twenty-eight year old Mark Spitz lookalike.  Certainly this was an era for men with thick moustaches.

Below: Playgirl's tricks of the trade: Is the water keeping his cock afloat or could it be hard?